The Best Christmas Gift - Good Health Through Obesity Weight Loss

It's the holidays and instead of coming up with a New Year's Resolution get a head start and give yourself the best Christmas gift ever: Obesity Weight Loss.

I know your weight gain has been bothering you. If you know that if your doctor told you that you are obese or you have put on weight over the years the feeling for obesity weight loss nudges at you everyday. It can bring you down and consume your happiness. You sigh and accept it but I am telling you that you don't have to accept it at all.

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Tell me, were you born obese? No, nobody is born obese. We became obese through what we feed our bodies and what we do everyday. Then why are doctors coming up with treatments for obesity as if it were some disease they need to diagnose?

Now listen to me. If we can identify those habits and make tiny changes that you are comfortable with and don't bring you stress then we may be onto a stable path to obesity weight loss.

If we make major changes in your lifestyle you will definitely burn out and go right back to your original way of life. You will consider your plan obesity weight loss a failure and never believe that it is possible to get rid of belly fat or reduce body fat.

Obesity Weight Loss Tip#1

I need you to take a look at what you eat everyday. Is it fast food? We are bombarded with fast food everywhere we go. I'm not telling you to cut out fast food for obesity weight loss but to reduce it. Believe me, fast food is tasty but it could be a MAJOR reason it adds to your obesity.

Let's take a look closer at fast food joints. What kind of beverages do they serve there? SODA. Soda is SUGAR HEAVEN WATER. It's like dumping 6 or 7 teaspoons of sugar over your meal. Do you know what a huge influx of sugar does to your body during a meal? It activates the "Storage Mode" leading to calorie storage = fat storage. Is this a revelation for you? SUGAR helps you store calories and negates any effort in obesity weight loss!

Now can you have water with a lemon twist during your meal? Not all the time but every now and then. Eventually you'll start to get used to having water during each meal but right now I want you to reduce your soda intake until you feel comfortable having either water or soda.

I used to drink soda ALL THE TIME. I couldn't eat a meal without have soda to wash it down. Once I understood the effects of soda on my body I started to cut it down FIRST and then got so used to just having water that I have soda only a few times a year. A few times a year? Is that possible? Yes, I'm telling you that when you understand more about nutrition you'll cut A LOT of things out of your daily diet or have it every once in a while. I enjoy drinking soda but not all the time.

Obesity Weight Loss Tip#2

OK now Christmas is coming up and if you're serious about obesity weight loss then heed my words during your holiday meal. There's going to be A LOT of good food and of course they will serve soda but I want you to drink water first during your meal and have a little soda later if you really need to.

Next, keep your portions small each time you grab from each entree. DON'T BE GREEDY. Just a little bit of everything. Variety in small portions is the key.

Obesity Weight Loss Tip#3

Another major key to obesity weight loss is to take your time when you eat. Enjoy your time chatting with your family and friends. Not to offend anyone but this is something to remember: if people eat like a pig they could end up looking like one so don't scarf down the food.....enjoy it.

Obesity Weight Loss Tip#4

Time to think of modifying your lifestyle to include exercise. Only start with 3 days a week and 30 minutes at a time. Let's say Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Take a walk for 30 minutes at a time in your neighborhood or head to the gym and walk 30 minutes on the treadmill. Remember to set a goal for yourself like a certain number of miles and remember what you achieved each time in terms of distance. Try to find a friend to do this routine with but if they cannot make it don't let that get you down. Get ahead finish your routine regardless.

These tips that I've listed, just keep them in mind. You don't need to be calculating. It is just for good measure and building good health for obesity weight loss. This is only the beginning of your journey before you start to build momentum into techniques that really cut into how to lose body fat. The more knowledge you gain, understand and apply the more of a difference in your fat loss it will make and I'm talking about a serious difference. All natural. No pills or starving yourself.

Now start applying these tips before Christmas before everyone else is starting to reflect on New Year's Eve. This is best Christmas gift that you can give to yourself. The sooner you start the better. They will make a HUGE, HUGE difference if you apply it to your life for the long term. By next Christmas people will be shocked and you can tell them that this was your biggest gift to yourself last Christmas!

Cheers to having good health and Happy Holidays.

If you have any questions for me that you would like for me to write in another article then you can connect with me directly through the author bio.

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