Effective Tactics For Weight Loss - Aggressive Tactics For Superior Results

Using effective tactics for weight loss will really improve the results you should expect with any of the popular weight loss programs.

Every additional approach, or tactic, that can be employed in the battle against weight gain might well compliment every other tactic so well as to create a "synergistic" response; wherein the total effect is much greater than the effects of any single tactic alone.

So what are some effective tactics for weight loss that you can start using right away?

1) Drink a lot of water - cold water. The water will help to metabolize fat; and the body will have to heat up the cold water; meaning more calories burned.

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2) Unless contrary to your diet plan, try not to eat a meal less than two hours before you go to bed. This gives your body time to start burning it off.

3) Try to get at least a little exercise each day - just get out and walk a little. Even light exercise will yield big results during a weight loss program.

4) If your diet plan allows, try to incorporate "fat burning foods" into your diet. Just do a web search for fat burning foods to see some lists.

5) If you are not already doing strength training; start doing it. Nothing major is required, just some light weight lifting. Toned muscle requires greater energy thus burning more calories.

These suggestions might seem pretty basic, even just common sense; but you would be surprised by how few people actually employ all of these effective tactics for weight loss during their diet regimen. Do you?

Another thing that often causes people to struggle with weight loss is that they do not understand the actual mechanics of weight loss - what makes it happen.

Briefly stated, weight loss is a function of the metabolism. That is the "fat burning furnace" within us. The metabolism is regulated by what it expects to receive. If you commonly eat 2000 calories per day, the metabolism will regulate itself based upon that expectation. If you suddenly reduce your daily intake to say, 1500 calories per day in an effort to lose weight; this is a huge "shock" to the body. The body actually perceives that reduction as a threat of starvation and goes into a "survival mode". It causes the metabolism to slow down so as to conserve weight and calories. By eating less in order to lose weight, our bodies respond by trying to maintain weight! No wonder weight loss seems so difficult, and that diets often fail.

Really, most diets are destined from the start for failure, or at least for hard won results, because they do not take into account this natural response to dieting; they do not employ any effective tactics for weight loss other than "eat less fat...fewer crabs...only good crabs...", and so on they go.

There are plans available that do take into account this natural condition and which employ effective tactics for weight loss that go a long way in overcoming the inevitable metabolic slow down that other diets cause. Unlike other weight loss programs, this one in particular does not rely solely upon exercise to keep the metabolism working at an elevated rate...it uses the mechanisms "hard-wired" into us by nature, to achieve superb results.

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