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So you want to lose weight the healthy way? I don't blame you. Over 60% of Americans are overweight/obese and I think that a big part of that is because a lot of these same people have tried to lose weight but have failed... In the process they've wrecked their metabolism and their health. And afterward it's even harder for them to lose weight... Honestly, what's the point of even trying to lose weight if your body is worse off because of it?

Listen to this-the biggest myth out there perpetuated by the multi billion dollar industry (and yes, they are out there solely to get your money and not to help you) is that you can lose more than 2 pounds a week... Actually I LIED you can lose more than 2 pounds a week...Not healthily though...But where does the weight come from? First it comes from water weight. This is really cheating and is not actual fat loss.

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Second the weight comes from muscle tissue. This can be very unhealthy and detrimental to the body. So when you hear claims along the lines of "lose 20 pounds in two weeks" know that they're not talking about what really matters: weight lost in pounds of fat... They're talking about water weight and muscle tissue loss (although they'll never admit that). These types of "diets" and "weight loss plans" want to fool you with fake results!

You see, realistic and healthy results are 2 pounds a week or 1% of total body weight. These results are sustainable, practical, and can be kept up long term. Lose weight at this pace and it's all fat...

Let me say that again: Lose weight at this pace AND IT'S ALL FAT!!!! No water weight or muscle tissue loss... To achieve these healthy results I strongly suggest that you find a good weight loss plan that focuses on losing 2 pounds a week or 1% of total body weight...

WARNING: The above information is meant to be taken seriously and will actually help you lose weight.

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