Healthy Weight Loss is Really Important

People in North America in particular have had a deteriorating diet and a battle with healthy weight loss. Many different diets are tried, we knock out fats, we count the calories, we write it all down, and we continue to wish for the foods we are missing. We often do see weight loss when on a diet, which provides some motivation. We lose this again when we put the weight back on at the end of the diet, and often gain even more.

What is needed is not to go on a diet as such but to choose way better alternatives. It would be great to eat what-ever we wanted but we will gain weight and suffer the consequences to our health.

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Healthy weight loss must also incorporate an effective exercise program, and many diet programs neglect to even mention this. Diets are often bland, boring, lacking in flavor, and downright uninteresting. We hang out for the end, and when they have we go and put it all back on again.

Repeat dieting, and following the latest fad, often just makes it more difficult to lose weight. This leads to our bodies adjustment mechanisms getting out of wack. What we really need is a healthy lifestyle with lots of fresh and unprocessed food in modest quantities, that can also satisfy out cravings, and one that we can stick to for the rest of our lives.

To ensure success with healthy weight loss a written program will assist, which should be simple to put into practice. We need to be satisfied, otherwise we will not stay with it. It has to be healthy with the right mix of macro-nutrients so we will lose weight and start to feel more empowered.

Healthy weight loss should also be gradual and incremental so that when we look in the mirror we can see sustainable progress. This will strengthen our desire to continue, rather than the diet and binge cycle that is often evident.

Diets basically fail most people and more than once, they do not produce long-term benefits, and often make us feel worse about ourselves rather than better. This can be an emotional roller coaster which doesn't help us to stick with the diet.

Diets fail because when we reduce our calorie intake our body goes into survival mode which is genetically programed in to us. Metabolism will then decrease and our body will attempt to amass additional fat and even use muscle tissue as fuel. When we go off our diet we have probably lost muscle, our metabolism is still slow and we gain back even more fat than we had before, even on our old calorie intake.

Healthy weight loss does not use the traditional dieting idea of just restricting calorie intake, and absolute weight loss is not the only goal. Individuals involved in a regular exercise program often find that they do not lose any weight. How-ever they are losing fat and gaining muscle.

The focus needs to move away from diets to a good exercise program combined with a top quality diet which is low in fat, has good sources of protein to support muscle growth, and fresh carbohydrate sources to give energy to the working muscle.

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