Healthy Weight Loss - The Only Real Goal of Losing Weight

Losing weight, for many, has various motivations. Some lose weight for a wedding or school reunion. Some lose weight to make their spouse or partner happy. Others still, lose weight to simply have control in their lives. Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight, I applaud you. Losing weight and getting your weight down to what is considered a normal level is both healthy and makes you look good!

Healthy weight loss is defined as losing weight to such a level that you decrease your risk factors for developing some killer or degenerative disease. However, healthy weight loss also involves the way you lose weight.

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Fad and crazy diets have been around ever since there have been people. Single food diets, single category diets, and even starvation have been used to force people to change the shapes of their bodies. Recently, the daughter of a foreign national leader indicated that humiliation and embarrassment were the two best motivators for weight loss. Whichever motivation you have and whichever method you choose, it should be a healthy one.

The two main factors why people gain weight must be addressed in any serious weight loss program which purports to be a healthy weight loss plan. If these two factors are not addressed, then the person will, with frustration, gain back all the weight lost and then some when they return to a normal diet. when this happens, depression, frustration, and hopelessness set in. These feelings rarely result in anything positive in our lives.

Eating large amounts of any one food or macronutrient like carbohydrate, protein, or fat will not lead to health and vitality. A balance of these food sources and constituents is very important. Equally important is to understand that we are fat, as a nation, largely because of our over-consumption of high glycemic index, low-nutrient carbohydrates. Instead of eating natural grains and foods which grow on the earth, we eat refined carbohydrates like sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and other associated sugars. These prevent healthy weight loss.

Healthy weight loss involves eating those foods which naturally occur on this planet. We must remember, that we too, naturally occur on this planet. We are made to live here, and the things which grow here are made for our consumption and use. This basic principle can be used to help all of us think about healthy weight loss.

A recently popular diet solution called The Diet Solution Program emphasizes this very type of eating program. Given that all the natural foods which grow including fruits, vegetables, and grains have been shown to allow the body to naturally and healthily re-balance the inner self. All major health organizations including the American Dietetic Association, The American Heart Association, and The American Cancer Society have recommended that our intake of fruits and vegetables be increased to 10 servings per day! How many of us eat that much.

When we do eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, we amazingly start to re-balance. Our energy increases, we start to shed pounds and we also start to feel much better. While there are a few more rules and nuances to know and understand about the program, these major tenants are important to understand. Healthy weight loss is possible by following The Diet Solution Program.

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