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People no longer have patience for anything to happen gradually. So, overweight being a very common problem, especially among young people. They are looking for easy task, weight loss programs that can slim them down, if possible instantaneously. Although gradual weight loss is an assured method, there are adjustable solutions, with some decent success in losing weight.

1. A doubt about losing weight in a week is understandable. But your fat loss attempt can work to some extent. You need to know that how much weight you lose in a week depends on how much you are overweight. In men, greater mass of muscle causes greater burning of calories, unlike in women. It is not very difficult to lose about 5 pounds in a week if you can follow a regimented schedule and discipline.

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2. Do not overdo your fat loss efforts in desperation. Realize the fact that your determination to lose weight is very different from what you can really achieve. Of course, you know that you cannot just lose ten or twenty pounds in a week's time. There is surely no way. Be realistic. Keep working with small fair goals. Monitor the results on a daily basis. This helps you review your plans and effect corrections, if necessary.

3. Let your close acquaintances know of your aim. If you take that as a challenge and decide to prove them wrong, then that is a big motivator for you to persistently but carefully adopt your weight loss action. In the end, when your weight loss plan succeeds, that will give you an immense satisfaction.

All said and done, do not be overambitious. Be happy even if you lose a few pounds in a week. You will look slimmer and healthier in a couple of weeks.

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