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A weight loss diet is the most important factor to lose weight. What you eat is far more important than how much you eat. Keeping balance in what you eat and how much exercise you do every day is key to lose weight.

Our body need may nutrition. We need to consider what takes us to weight gain and poor health before we start work on fat loss diet. There are many fats beneficial to our body. So we can not eliminate all fats. Balance food is important.

Weight loss diet should not be hard and fast. It should be easy to apply. Once you start weight loss program, it is important that you can easily stick to it. See your weight loss diet as guideline.

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Do exercise with fat loss diet. Exercise is also important. You can do light exercise. Walking is good. You can do swimming or playing games like base ball or basket ball.

Fat loss diet should consist of good vitamins and minerals. You can avoid fatty food up to some level. Sugar and processed food is not good. Fruits and vegetables are great. White floor, biscuit and chocolate will increase weight.

Carbohydrates should be avoided. It will increase risk of blood pressure and create insulin problem. Burger and pizza has lots of cheese and butter. So it should be avoided.

All kind of oily food increase weight. So stay away from oily food.

You can eat salads and milk without cream. You can eat many diets that consist of high level of fibre and less carbohydrates.

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