How to Use a Diet For Effective Weight Loss

You are a product of what you eat and drink, other than that, the only other determinant of your weight is genetic makeup.

Scientists have proved that if your parents are giants, the likelihood of you being a giant is equally high. It is also true that if you have skinny parents, you can curse or bless them depending on your perception of how you look in a skinny skin. Whether you are predisposed to be a giant or skinny, what does not however change is that fact that there is a minimum threshold of weight gain that is acceptable for healthy living. If you are too fat or obese, which means that you body weight is beyond the acceptable age, height and weight ratio, you need to have weight loss urgently.

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Weight loss can be achieved through several means including plastic surgery, exercising and diet management. I bet to say that diet management is the most effective because it is eventually what you eat that determines your shape. There are many people who have done exercises but because they do not watch their diet, they end up ballooning instead of cutting on their weight.

So what sort of diet would be effective for quick weight loss? This depends on understanding of what is composed in a diet and how each contributes to weight loss or weight gain. There are three five four major categories of foods that affect your weight, these are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.

Carbohydrates: this is the major source of energy for the body. The eventual form in which it is consumed by the cells is glucose. In fact, glucose and keton bodies are the only source of energy for the brain. The amount of glucose that is made available to the body will therefore determine the weight loss or gain. Too much of glucose or foods that are easily converted into glucose such as refined foods will lead to weight gain. Therefore, if you are seeking to cut down your weight, then you need to avoid refined foods such as chocolate which will lead to quick building of glucose. Any excess glucose will be converted into fats and deposited in the adipose tissues. These are tissues under the skin and lead to fattening.

The other component of carbohydrate foods such as tubers is the roughage. These are important in weight loss because they slow down the uptake of direct sugars such as glucose and fructose. It is therefore recommended that for quick weight loss take more of the whole grain cereals, such as whole meal bread.

Protein: these do not increase weight easily. Any excess of proteins is not stored but released as urea in urine.

Vitamins & minerals: these play key functional roles in metabolism of food and boosting immune system. They do not contribute to weight gain, but are more effective in weight loss.

Water: this is the solvent in which all the above are processed, adequate water of at least 8 glasses per day would contribute to weight loss.

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