Weight Loss is Very Simple

Maintaining a balance in body weight over long durations is a problem to most people. Overweight has been the bane of most people. If you can understand the simple arithmetic of calories gathered and spent up can help you achieve significant weight loss and be healthy.

When your calorie intake is more than what your body needs, what should happen to all the extra calorie accumulation? It will necessarily find storage pockets in almost every part of your body, making you chunky.

So, all you need to do is an understanding of simple math of calories consumed minus calories burned equals zero. In fact, it is advisable to experience a thin deficit of calories now and then. You need to know that losing a pound of fat means burning up 3500 calories. Only to that extent weight loss is a difficult task.

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There are three main factors that can help in weight loss:

1. Push up the metabolism rate: Weight loss involves turning your body into strong muscled structure. Know this equation: If you gain one pound of muscle, that one pound of muscle will burn up 50 calories in a day. So more muscle more calories burned. More muscle means you can eat your regular food and still keep your weight at ideal level.

2. Eat just enough: Cut on your calorie intake by 500 calories each day. This helps in a weight loss of about a pound a week. In a week if you can reduce the intake by about 1000 calories, you will reduce your weight by two pounds. It is not just some calories, but a lot.

3. Exercise regularly: This can help you in a big way. To give you an idea on the effect of exercise, if you tread on a treadmill for about 90 minutes every day for a week at 4 mph, you will burn up about two pounds of your body fat. That is a real weight loss program.

If you can promptly pursue a combination of these three factors, weight loss will never be a tough job for you. All these three things are easy to do. Doing these things is definitely much easier than carrying that overload on your body and suffering from life-time health problems that loom over an overweight body.

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