Weight Loss Fad Diets - The Perfect Plan to Maximize Profits at Your Expense

I will be the first to tel you that fad diets do not work. As a matter of fact they can often make losing weight more difficult physically and psychologically.

The sad truth is that most weight loss pills and potions, "supplements" are not very regulated by the FDA, and virtually anyone can put a concoction together, slap a label on a bottle, take a few picture of a well toned man or woman and put up a website and they are in business.

The weight loss industry is a 150 billion dollar a year industry and profits are being made my some shady characters who exploit the hardworking people who are disparately in search of a good weight loss program that will last.

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Well what do you expect from these weight loss fad diet? There is about 55% of all Americans overweight right now and the number is rapidly increasing every day. So there is an endless market of people to by the latest fitness product. The sad truth is that many people who engage in these weight loss diets will regain most of their weight within 8 months of completing the diet. Some will even gain more weight than they had before starting on the diet.

There is no magic bullet for weight loss. Restricting one food group while increasing another in not only a temporary, unsustainable weight loss gimmick but it can also be dangerous.

The time proven and still the best way to lose weight that is absolutely free is still to reduce your portion sizes, eat more plant based foods as naturally grown, reduce the fat intake, eat a big breakfast, a medium size lunch and a small dinner. Chew your food slowly and properly, this will give your brain time to catch up with your stomach. Do not eat between meals. Drink water instead of sodas, juices and other sweet beverages.

Exercise is an integral part of your weight loss program and most be incorporated into your routine. Start small at first with just 20 minute of normal pace walking around the house, then build up from their, try to do this about 3-4 time a week in the mornings preferably. Do not eat any food after 6:30 pm and if you must have a salad of fruit.

Increase your fiber in your diet and cut out all caffeinated beverages and alcohol. These are not only calorie laden but not in the best interest of your body.

These are really the basic time testes principles of weight loss, and if you follow them you will not only lose weight, but you will keep it off permanently. And best of all it's free for everyone.

So stay away from fad diets and lose weight for good naturally and safely.

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