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People who want to shed their excess pounds would want to learn a lot more about how to lose the excess weight successfully and safely. This is the major issue for them especially for beginners who have no idea on what to expect on the journey of losing weight. There are various resources out there that include online information to actual consultations with experts and dietitians and even books. Weight loss books are one of the best sources to get information to losing weight. Weight loss books have come a long way from various diets. These include the south beach diet, Atkins' diet, to recipes and other methods of losing weight. Books are considered effective and cheap resource of helping you lose weight. Here are some of the best books that you can choose from to jump start your weight management plan.

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One weight loss book that is complete with lots of inputs and advices to cope up with food cravings, controlling the appetite and having the behavior modification for persons who want to lose weight is the book "The Prevention Lose Weight Guidebook". It has testimonials and stories of real "losers" who have successfully lost the excess weight and kept them off longer.

Other great books that you can choose from are the following: "The complete Idiots Guide to losing weight" by Susan McQuillian, et. al., "365 Ways to get out of Fat" by The American Heart Association and the book "Choose to lose: a Food lover's Guide to permanent weight loss" by Dr. Ron and Nancy Goor.

You may find it helpful to know first what method of weight loss you will try before choosing a weight loss book. This is better for you to do rather than buying all sorts of weight loss books all at the same time. This may result to confusion and mixed ideas or information overload. It may be better if you stick with one plan and delve deeper on how to do it successfully by reading the book. It is best that the books you purchased have real life stories, and testimonials of real persons who lost weight because this can inspire you to continue your journey to becoming healthy.

There may be a lot of good books that other people will recommend to you, but remember, the books will serve only as your guide. Your success will still be up to you, if you really are determined to reduce your weight and become healthy.

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